We are OPEN and are teaching in person and online! 

Music lessons in person or online for all ages and abilities. Choose from our professional music teachers that are here to help you learn an instrument and most importantly.... 

have fun! 

Its EASY! Just register online to get started. You can see all our available lesson spots online after you register, or please contact us to get started!

NEW!! Click HERE to check out our YouTube channel for FREE music instruction videos by our teachers.


This is what you need to know upon arrival:

⁃  Please wait outside the studio until your teacher comes out to get you.

⁃  Only students can come in as we are limiting the number of people inside. (If a parent would like to sit in on a lesson, they can request to come in. We know this many be hard for new students or younger students so please let us know your concerns.) Your teacher can video call you to tune into your child’s lessons upon request. 

⁃  Please sanitize your hands upon entering. 

⁃ Masks are mandatory unless you have a health issue, are under 2 years old, or 5 and under that refuses to wear one. 

⁃  Teaching rooms will be sanitized thoroughly after each student.

⁃  Physical distancing (6 feet).

Additional information:

- Students should not have to come in contact with anyone except their teacher as transition times are staggered to limit traffic. 

⁃  Washrooms will be closed (unless it is an emergency) as they will have to be sanitized after each use. 

⁃  Porch lessons can be offered upon request.

- Teachers are required to fill out a symptom checklist and take their temperature every day upon arrival. We will be making sure everything is sanitized regularly for everyone's safety.  

Please do not come in if  you have been in contact with anyone that has COVID-19, or if you have a cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, headache or any other COVID-19 symptoms of any kind. 

If there are any changes to our protocols, we will be sure to keep everyone updated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know and we would be happy to help. 

Our Story...


Katie Korfmann is the founder and teacher at Katie’s Music Studio. At the age of 15, she was extremely passionate about music and was already performing professionally in the music industry. Because of the need for music teachers in Brantford, specifically fiddle teachers,  she started teaching out of a home studio at her parents house during high school. After high school she purchased her own home where she began to grow the studio. Her home was getting too busy with three teachers, so expanding to a bigger space was the next step. In August 2019, Katie was able to move into a beautiful commercial building on Brant Ave. in Brantford, Ontario. Although Katie’s name is the face of the business, she has an amazing team of teachers that work along side her to help create a wonderful studio family! 


Here at Katie’s Music Studio we pride ourselves in having kind, patient, and knowledgeable music teachers that help our students succeed while having fun! Our teachers are trained in different curriculums including the Royal Conservatory of Music and Suzuki Method, but are also well versed in many different genres including; classical, pop, rock, folk, musical theatre and more. As well as private lessons, our group classes teach students how to play together and it is also a place for them to meet new friends with the same interests. Performing is a big part of our studio philosophy and we love to guide students through learning music performance and even create their own professional show if that is their musical path. We want to help our students LOVE music and can adapt our teaching methods to each individual child!

To encourage our younger students, we have a prize board in our waiting area where students can earn points during each lesson. When the lesson is done, they can choose a sticker for their hard work that day. After they reach 10 points, they are welcome to pick a prize.

To read more about our teachers, please visit our website: https://katiesmusicstudio.mymusicstaff.com/Teachers


Our newly renovated studio has four teaching rooms, a waiting room, coat room with hot drinks and water, and a washroom for our clients to use. One of our teaching rooms also has a stage! This is a great experience for students as they can practice performing in a comfortable space. We keep our beautiful facility clean by making sure we are disinfecting properly to do our part in keeping everyone healthy. No need to work about parking as the there is lots of spaces at the back of the studio. 


Twice a year, the studio hosts a concert that encourages students to show off their progress. We also bring students out to different events in the community throughout the year. To prepare for upcoming shows. A full PA system (microphones, speakers, monitors etc..)  and lights are set up on our stage at the studio so students can get the full experience of playing live.


Signing up for music lessons is easy! Register online and pick the spot that works best with your schedule. Lesson times are posted on your student portal upon registration, or you can contact us directly. We would be happy to find something that works best for you!

Register here: https://katiesmusicstudio.mymusicstaff.com/Registration

We rent and sell instruments so you don’t have to worry about what instrument to get. 

Please go to our website to see your options. https://katiesmusicstudio.mymusicstaff.com/Instruments--Rent-or-Buy-


Learning to play an instrument is not just beneficial for progressing musically, but it gives our students the tools to learn better discipline, dedication, and teamwork skills for their future ahead! Music is one of the only activities that activates, stimulates and uses the ENTIRE brain. Amazing! This is why music is such a crucial role in brain development at many stages in life.  

For more information, please check out this TED talk explaining “how playing an instrument benefits your brain.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0JKCYZ8hng

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Call or Text: (519) 770-9667 or katiesmusicstudioinfo@gmail.com