All Group Classes

Group Classes and Events for September 2020

(visit individual pages for more information)

* Ukulele Group Class-

Tuesday/Thursday evenings 

* Vocal Group Class- Thursday evenings

* Violin Group class-Thursday evenings

* Open studio time- Saturday’s 11:30-1:00. An affordable drop in class Cost: $5.00

* Fiddle group class- Mondays 6-6:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to join and it’s free.

* Early Childhood Music Classes:

0-3 years old and 3-5 years old

♩ ♪ ♩

* Day Camps:

All camps are a musical day/week filled with crafts, playing instruments, songs, and lots of fun!! No musical experience required. Ages 4+.

(PA Day, March Break and Summer Music Camps are available.)

For more information for all these classes, please visit their individual pages on our website or contact us with any questions.